TN Politics: Democratic Convention Takeaways

Aug 21, 2020

Former President Barack Obama speaking at the 2020 Democratic National Convention.

The Democratic National Convention went virtual this year, trading the live circus atmosphere for pre-recorded speeches and slickly produced videos. But if the theme of the convention was unity, there were also rumblings from the Democrats' left flank on issues such as police reform. Political analyst Otis Sanford says the party will likely not be divided by infighting in the next two months as long as Trump remains a viable contender.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump took to Twitter this week to address Democrats' relentless attacks against his administration. Sanford says Trump is thin-skinned when it comes to criticism, especially from Black people. (Trump is trying once again to block critics from his Twitter feed.)

When Republicans hold their convention next week, Sanford says that Shelby County's conservatives will be watching to see if Trump's accomplishments so far outweigh his handling of multiple crises, and if he can  resurrect some sense of stability in American life.