TN Politics: Prof. Sanford Grades New State Laws

May 10, 2019

A political texting scandal and a host of new Tennessee laws are the subject of this week's discussion with political analyst Otis Sanford.

The close of the Tennessee General Assembly didn't mean the end of hot politial debates in Nashville. A recent text message scandal has both Republicans and Democrats losing confidence in House Speaker Glen Casada. While his top aide Cade Cothran resigned over texts deemed racist and sexist, Casada also faces accusations of wiretapping Democrats. He has been in damage control mode all week, urging Republicans to stand by their man.

Political analyst Otis Sanford takes a look at some of the new laws that came out of the legislature this session. As a professor of journalism at the University of Memphis, he also volunteers to "grade" them on the criteria that they "benefit the majority of Tennesseans, are fiscally responsible, solve a big problem, and lead the state in a forward direction."