TN Politics: Speaker Casada Holds On, Mayoral Candidates Gear Up

Jun 7, 2019

Political Analyst Otis Sanford
Credit WKNO-FM

State politics didn't grind to a halt when the General Assembly adjourned for the session. Republicans hoping for a quick end to the scandal surrounding House Speaker Glen Casada were stymied by Casada himself, who returned from vacation with an announcement that he'll remain leader for two more months. Political analyst Otis Sanford says he will likely work to line up his preferred successor. But given some Republicans' distain for Casada's leadership style, this prolonged farewell is not welcome news.

Here in Memphis, the City Council approved its new budget with little debate except over a continuing cover charge for Beale Street on weekend nights in the summer. The fee was a result of huge numbers of people flooding the entertainment district late at night creating safety concerns such as stampedes.

Finally, the Memphis mayoral race is underway. Debates and candidate forums are already in the planning. But the question of what makes a fair debate -- and who gets to host them -- is one already being discussed.