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Celebrate African American Music Month at The Ned

The Jazz Foundation of West Tennessee presents Black Music: A Celebration of African American Music Appreciation Month at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, June 22, at The Ned McWherter Cultural Arts Center.

Darel Snodgrass speaks with classical pianist/oboist Dylan Griffith and jazz bandleader Stephen Lee about this event honoring Black composers and performers.

The Ned McWherter Cultural Arts Center
314 East Main Street
Jackson, Tennessee 38301

Home (thejazzfoundationofwesttennessee.org)

I began piano lessons at age 6, trumpet at age 9, and began teaching myself the guitar at 10. My electronics knowledge comes from my father, who had the RCA television and stereo shop in my hometown of Pocahontas, Arkansas for nearly 20 years. My dad is still fixing televisions at age 79.