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Naturally Nurtured Birth Services: Helping New Mothers Thrive

Mother’s Day is a wonderful way to honor our own moms and to support efforts to help all mothers thrive. In our annual Nonprofit Capacity Building grant round, the Community Foundation awarded over $5,200 to Naturally Nurtured Birth Services. It amplifies the voices of pregnant women and improves black maternal health in our community by providing doula care and offering culturally appropriate support to those at risk of poor outcomes.

In 2021, the maternal mortality rate for Black women nationwide increased 27 percent, from 55 deaths per 100,000 live births to 70. That’s nearly three times the rate for white women. Structural racism in health care and social service delivery means that African American women often receive poorer quality care than white women.

Doulas are trained professionals who provide non-clinical, emotional, physical, and informational support for people before, during, and after labor and birth. When involved in a birthing experience, research shows that doulas are associated with better health outcomes, including lower cesarean rates and fewer obstetric complications. Community-based doulas are often members of the communities in which they work, sharing the same background, culture, and/or language with their clients.

Naturally Nurtured Birth Services provides parents with the education and resources they need to make confident decisions for themselves and their family.

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