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What are Ocean Buoys and Why are they Extremely Important


Ocean data buoys (moored and drifting) collect in situ oceanographic and meteorological data that are critical to a wide user community of government, academic, military, public health, emergency response stakeholders, marine transportation, tourism and fisheries industries. These observations are used in multiple applications, including to strengthen the quality and accuracy of severe and routine weather forecasting, improved coastal ocean circulation models, environmental and ecosystem monitoring and research, and tsunami warning capability. Monitoring ocean health can only be done through long-term multi-disciplinary observations, many of which are sourced from data buoys that are uniquely suited for this task. Failure to maintain a sustainable network of data buoys puts the health of our ocean and estuaries at risk.

Data buoy vandalism refers to the intentional interference with, damage to, or theft of observing platforms attributable to human action. Data buoy vandalism has been a troublesome problem for many buoy operators around the world. In addition to the significant financial impact on buoy programs and operations, vandalism disrupts vital data collection and reporting by moored and drifting buoys, placing lives, property and economies in peril.

Produced by @World Meteorological Organization - WMO

This video, funded by WMO, ECCC Canada, CREWS and KMA shall enhance public awareness and understanding on the value of ocean buoys.