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  • Among their many talents, hamsters have a secret trick for storing food on the run.
  • For nearly 100 years it was illegal to be “ugly” in America. Of course, “ugly” wasn’t actually about physical attractiveness, it was a way to criminalize disability and disfigurement and it lead to the rise of the freak show. So how did we put an end to these ridiculous laws? Watch the episode to find out.
  • When the discomfort of conflict arises, it can be hard to know what to do, especially in the workplace. In this episode of Life Kit, get the tips you need to become a conflict-resolving superhero. It's the wild card of every big event — the toast. If you're giving a new year's toast, a best man or maid of honor speech, or any other toasts this coming year, we've got some tips to make sure people remember your toast with fondness and not horror.
  • What if we told you that there was a time when oxygen almost wiped out all life on Earth? 3 billion years ago, when the world was a place you’d never recognize, too much of a good thing almost ruined everything for everybody.
  • If you've ever lived in small-town America, you know how bad the internet can sometimes be. So one town in North Carolina decided: If we can't make fast internet come to us, we'll build it ourselves. And they did. Enter Big Internet.This episode, we look at what happened when the City of Wilson decided to try and start its own internet provider, and how it started a fight that spread to dozens of states, a fight about whether cities should even be allowed to compete with big internet providers, and what the effect the outcome might have on working remotely.
  • Domestic cats are derived from an wild African species that moved in with humans some 10,000 years ago. Although they no longer have to hunt their own food, even as kittens, they display a number of traits that make them effective killers.
  • Jesus’ name in Hebrew was “Yeshua” which translates to English as Joshua. So how did we get the name “Jesus”? And is “Christ” a last name? Watch the episode to find out!
  • Autistic people are constantly forced to suppress who they are as a means of pleasing a neurotypical world. Social psychologist Devon Price not only wants to give them permission to take off that mask and be themselves, but believes that doing so allows everyone to lead happier lives.
  • Smilodon was a fearsome Ice Age cat, the size of a modern-day tiger, that had a pair of fangs nearly 18 centimeters long. But it was only the last and largest of the great sabertooths: ridiculously long canines had already been a trend for millions of years by the time Smilodon was prowling around. And you know what? Those giant teeth just might make a comeback.
  • Inflation is making prices go up, except not for...sports tickets? So, we set out on a daylong sporting event marathon to learn why.