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BTH: Police Perspective on Public Safety and Criminal Justice

The Memphis Police Department, like many law enforcement organizations across the nation, struggles with recruitment and retention rates. On this week’s WKNO/Channel 10 Behind the Headlines, host Eric Barnes asks John Covington, Vice President of the Memphis Police Association, why individuals do not want to work as police officers.

Covington says it’s the combination of wages, workload, and “there’s a lot of pressure. Police were once held up on a pedestal. Of course that has kinda changed . . .you’re going to be scrutinized in everything you do, in a time when people can go into [other career fields]”.

Covington joins Matt Cunningham, President of Memphis Police Association, and Daily Memphian reporter Julia Baker on Behind the Headlines to discuss changes in laws and policies within MPD and Shelby County's Criminal Justice system. Guests deliberate over the effect on policing and crime because of such changes.

In addition, guests speak about some of the challenges officers and police departments face, as well as what could be implemented to resolve some of the issues.