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New Year, New Kitchen?

Kitchens Unlimited

Thinking of a kitchen remodel in the new year?

I asked Karen Kassen, a certified master kitchen and bath designer at Kitchens Unlimited, to share with us the new trends in kitchen design for 2017.

First, let’s talk about appliances previously only available in professional kitchens …

“One of the appliances that I’m really excited about that has become available for residential kitchens is the steam oven. It allows you to cook foods healthier and in a faster manner by injecting steam into the cooking process.”

“Induction cooking is another type of appliance that we’re introducing into new kitchens this year. Induction allows you to have the same type of performance that you would have with gas cooking without having to run a gas line. It’s instantly on and instantly off and gives a chef lots of control over what they’re cooking. “

And even cabinetry is becoming more functional …

“Having a super organized kitchen is going to be a big trend for 2017. We’re finding that the insides of the cabinetry are just as important as the way the outside looks and people are very much into making their kitchen efficient, organized, and having the maximum use of their space.”

Lastly, there is even something for the wine and coffee lover …

“Some specialty appliances that are now available are wine units that allow you to keep your wine controlled at different temperatures, we have built in coffee and espresso machines that fit right into your cabinetry, and even can have the plumbing run to them so that you don’t have to add water in the morning, and we also have humidors if someone is a cigar aficionado.”

This is Jennifer Chandler with The Weekly Dish. Happy New Year!

For more information about Kitchens Unlimited and their kitchen and bath design services, visit www.kitchensunlimited.net.