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January is National Hot Tea Month!

Jennifer Chandler

Very fitting, don’t you think?  We all could use a comforting cup of hot tea to warm us up on these chilly winter days.

One of my favorite places to enjoy a cup of tea is 17 Berkshire. Before the pandemic restrictions, this Overton Square French bakery and café hosted afternoon high tea. It’s a tradition that I can’t wait to come back.

Owner Nuha Abuduhair features Sloane Tea in her shop. It’s a Canadian brand that sources their tea directly from its point of origin.  The packaging is beautiful enough to leave out on the counter and the tea is absolutely luxurious! 

Nuha shared her tried-and-true tips for making the perfect cup of hot tea.

Store your teas in an airtight container that keeps the light out. 
Nuha explained that this will help keep it fresher, longer.  Also, be sure to keep any strong odors away from your tea, so don't keep it near heavily scented spices.

Loose leaf tea will always be more fragrant and flavorful, so try reaching for that over a tea bag.  As a bonus, loose leaf gives you more bang for your buck since you're using a smaller amount.

Avoid using a microwave to heat up your water. 
Boil water using a tea kettle so that your water is a consistent heat throughout and so that the leaves have space to bloom as they steep.

Always read the portion size and steeping time.

Not all teas are created equal she explained. A few minutes before pouring your tea, fill your mug with hot water.  This will keep your tea hot longer, since you're pouring into a warm vessel.

This is Jennifer Chandler with The Weekly Dish. Bon Appetit!

17 Berkshire is located at 2094 Trimble Place in Overton Square. For more information, visit www.17berkshire.com.