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Pianist Awadagin Pratt Joins IRIS Orchestra for Two Nights Only


The IRIS Collective season continues on March 2nd and 3rd with pianist Awadagin Pratt joining the IRIS Orchestra on Saturday night at GPAC for a program featuring Montgomery, Bach and Schubert, and a screening of the film Awadagin Pratt: Black in American as well as a performance on Sunday afternoon in Harris Hall at the University of Memphis.

Darel Snodgrass talks with conductor Andrew Grams about this weekend of inspired performance and thought-provoking film.

Season — Iris Collective

I began piano lessons at age 6, trumpet at age 9, and began teaching myself the guitar at 10. My electronics knowledge comes from my father, who had the RCA television and stereo shop in my hometown of Pocahontas, Arkansas for nearly 20 years. My dad is still fixing televisions at age 79.