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Black Giving's Impact


Since 2011, Black Philanthropy Month has been observed annually in August to celebrate and amplify Black giving. Despite historically possessing lower net worth, Black Americans have a rich culture of charitable giving—one that is sometimes under-appreciated or even ignored.

The Kellogg Foundation and Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors found that nearly two-thirds of Black households donate to community-based organizations and causes for a total of $11 billion each year.

The Urban Institute reports that, as a share of median family wealth, Black families contribute the largest proportion of their wealth to charity, with the most recent figure 8%—compared to 2% for white families and 5% for Hispanic families.

They are philanthropists investing in their communities. Whether through supporting higher education and the arts, faith-based giving, or bolstering Black-serving organizations, Black Americans have made an enormous and generous impact.

To learn more about Black Philanthropy Month, visit our resource hub.