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National Estate Planning Week

It’s National Estate Planning Week, and we asked Cathy Wilson, Director of Planned Giving at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital, to share some tips on making charitable gifts through an estate plan.

  1. A common misconception is that charitable gift planning is only for people who can make large gifts or who plan to give their entire estate to charity. Not so! Most estate gifts are for only a small portion of an estate, and all gifts, no matter how big or small, are vitally important!
  2. If you have charities you care about and support now, consider adding a provision in your estate plan to make sure your support can continue beyond your lifetime. Talk to your professional advisor about this.
  3. Donor-advised funds are a great way to support charities during your lifetime and beyond. Many of Le Bonheur’s supporters set up gifts using a donor-advised fund at the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis. When Le Bonheur receives these gifts, Cathy Wilson is reminded of these donors’ commitment to Le Bonheur and children’s healthcare. And the donors can be assured that their wishes are carried out in the most tax advantageous way, now and as part of their lasting legacy.

To learn more about smarter giving through a donor-advised fund, click here.

To see Le Bonheur’s planned giving resources and learn more about estate plans, visit