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A Winning Strategy

The Memphis Grizzlies season has kicked off, and the city is ready to cheer on our beloved basketball team. Grizzlies Head Coach Taylor Jenkins and his wife, Chantall, also shine off the court with their history and heart for giving.

They come to philanthropy through different paths. Taylor’s grandfather, a Dallas businessman, established a private foundation in the 1950s. Over time, discussions about donating evolved to include Taylor’s mother and aunts, and eventually himself.

Chantall learned lessons in giving from her active-duty Army father who, she says, “did a lot of giving back to the community on a smaller scale, not a foundation-type thing.”

Both point to education as their priority area for giving and investing in Memphis. In just three years, they’ve donated more than $65,000 to support Memphis-Shelby County Schools. That’s just the “initial beacon” Taylor shares. There’s so much more they want to do to connect with Memphis and our greatest needs.

Click here to learn more about the Jenkinses’ giving story from the 2022 Community Foundation Annual Report.