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Game, Set, Match: Tennis Thrives with New Leftwich Tennis Center

Spring is officially here, and it’s a great time to enjoy our local parks. Driving down Southern Avenue, have you checked out Audubon Park lately? We recently met with Tennis Memphis CEO Scott Mitchell, who shared how the impressive new Leftwich Tennis Center came to be.

Conversations began with the close of the Raquet Club and the old Leftwich Center needing repair. Through the engagement and enthusiasm of the local tennis and philanthropic communities, what started as a $9 million project to simply renovate the old facility became a state-of-the-art $31 million public facility.

The financial impact of this public-private partnership will be in the millions. The new facility will host NCAA tournaments, University of Memphis matches, and adult and junior tournaments, play and programming. Thanks to the City of Memphis, University of Memphis, Tennis Memphis, and private donors, local tennis is having a moment. The generosity of Memphians continues to inspire and build a city for us ALL to enjoy.

Learn more at cfgm.org/wkno.