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Even Buildings Need Branding

One Memphis Place

Everybody knows brand names are important. And that picking a good name up front can save millions and years building brand awareness. But an office building name? 

Who would ever think that anything as insignificant as the name of an building could have an impact on a decision as important as where to locate a business? Or where to buy a condominium? Where to sign a contract for hundreds of thousands of dollars, maybe millions?

Such is the case, it seems. Developers in New York City now hire branding firms to help name new buildings.

Such as a new twenty-nine-unit condominium building to be completed this year. It’s located at West Twenty-Third and the Avenue of the Americas. So the names Nexus and Crossroads were suggested.

But the building will be named Citizen. It will have fresh-filtered air. Insulation to reduce noise. It will be energy efficient. The branding firm said that makes the building a good citizen. Hence the name Citizen.

A name tells a story, the firm said. And a good name tells a good story. The name itself leads directly into selling the benefits of the building. And a bad name can become, at worst, a punch line.

You may remember when One Memphis Place couldn’t attract tenants and was called One Empty Place.


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