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Maud Mandel on Muslims and Jews in France

Brown University

France today has the largest Jewish and Muslim populations living side by side outside of Israel. In her new book Muslims and Jews in France: History of Conflict, Maud Mandel wants to help us understand how this narrative has come about.

Maud Mandel, Director of the program in Judaic Studies at Brown University's first book, In the Aftermath of Genocide, examines the ways the Armenian and the Jewish communities in France each responded to the experience of genocide. 

In her new book, Muslims and Jews in France: History of Conflict, Mandel examines sharing linguistic and cultural traditions and a common experience of displacement from North Africa, sometimes to the same neighborhoods in Paris or Marseilles, Muslim-Jewish relations, often getting recounted as a tale of sworn enemies, irreconcilable differences, and rising anti-Semitism.  

Mandel is coming to Memphis March 24th and 25th, 2014, where at Rhodes College on Monday evening and Beth Sholom Synagogue on Tuesday evening she will discuss the common experiences and dialog between Jews and Muslims in France today.

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