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July is National Hot Dog Month!

Hot n Heavy Memphis Belle Hot Dog.jpg
Hot-n-Heavy Memphis Hot Dogs

For tips and tricks on making a killer hot dog, I turned to Mac McIntyre.

Mac owns the popular Memphis hot dog stand Hot-n-Heavy Memphis Hot Dogs. He is known for his over-the-top hot dog creations like the Memphis Belle – a hot dog topped with Pancho’s Cheese Dip, BBQ sauce and Fritos.

#1 The most important thing is the bun.

You can have the best weiner and toppings that you want, but without a great bun to put it in, it makes no sense. Mac has buns made fresh from Ricki’s Cookie Corner. It’s a soft, slightly sweet Challah bread made into hot dog buns. Mac says the density of the bun also holds up to all the ingredients he adds to create his signature dogs.

#2 Use a quality all beef dog.

Hot-n-Heavy Hot Dogs uses Nathan’s Famous All Beef Hot Dogs. Which is also the most often used in ball parks across the country said Mac.

#3 Method of cooking matters.

Mac prefers to steam his hot dogs, compared to some that boil and let sit in water until ready to serve. Boiled hot dogs can split in water and become waterlogged, whereas a steamed dog stays juicy in the middle and dry on the outside. He added he wouldn't have a problem grilling a dog depending on the style, but would steam first in order to prevent burning quickly and drying out.

# 4 Use fresh and high-quality known name brands for your condiments.

Saving money on the cheaper knock-off brands, does nothing for flavor and in the end nothing for your hot dogs.

This is Jennifer Chandler with The Weekly Dish. Bon Appetit!

For more information about Hot-n-Heavy Memphis Hot Dogs and where to find the stand, visit hotnheavydogs.com.

Jennifer Chandler graduated at the top of her class from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. She is a full-time mom to two daughters in Memphis, Tennessee, and is a freelance food writer, restaurant consultant, and author of four cookbooks The Southern Pantry Cookbook, Simply Salads, Simply Suppers, and Simply Grilling.