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It's Mint Julep Day!

Refreshing Cold Mint Julep for the Derby
bhofack2/Getty Images

Many people only think of Mint Juleps on Kentucky Derby Saturday.

But, this refreshing bourbon drink is ideal for all summer long. That may just be the reason National Mint Julep Day is on May 30.

I asked Alex Castle, the Master Distiller at Old Dominick Distillery, to share her top tips for making the perfect Mint Julep.

Tip #1

For any cocktail, you always want to make sure you start with a great spirit. This is especially true when making a drink that is spirit forward. Mint Juleps are all about the bourbon, so make sure to use a good quality bourbon…and by that, Alex says she means to use your favorite.

Tip #2

Make sure you use quality ingredients. The mint should be as fresh as possible.

Tip #3

Speaking of the mint, you don’t want to pulverize it or crush it. You just want to lightly bruise the mint by slapping it between your hands, so you release the minty oils.

Tip #4

Ice plays a crucial role in any cocktail, and for Mint Juleps is all about the crushed ice. Crushed ice provides the right amount of chill and dilution that results in a light, refreshing drink. You can either buy crushed ice or try to crush it at home yourself.

Tip #5

Alex says she prefers drinking Mint Juleps in a metallic cup. It really does help keep the drink cool the entire time you’re enjoying it. If you don’t have a true julep cup, a copper or stainless steel Moscow mule mug works just fine.

This is Jennifer Chandler with The Weekly Dish. Cheers!

For more information about Old Dominick Distillery in Memphis, TN, visit www.olddominick.com.

Jennifer Chandler graduated at the top of her class from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. She is a full-time mom to two daughters in Memphis, Tennessee, and is a freelance food writer, restaurant consultant, and author of four cookbooks The Southern Pantry Cookbook, Simply Salads, Simply Suppers, and Simply Grilling.