Why Aren't More Women In Office? Even Within Parties, There's Big Disagreement

Women represent 20 percent of Congress members right now, and Republicans and Democrats differ sharply on why that's the case, not to mention how big of a problem that is. That in and of itself is perhaps unsurprising, especially at a time when the parties are heavily divided on a wide variety of topics. But a new poll shows that men and women within each party — and especially among Republicans — differ heavily on several of these questions. New data from the Pew Research Center shows that...

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17 Berkshire

You don’t have to head to Paris to enjoy a macaron!


This week on WKNO-TV's Behind the Headlines, a look at efforts in Memphis to improve the progress of minority and women-owned businesses, including information about the 800 Initiative, a program to assist those businesses in growing capacity.

Joann Massey, director for the City of Memphis Business Diversity & Compliance, Leslie Lynn Smith, president and CEO for Epicenter and Andre Fowlkes, president of Start Co., talk about some of the overarching concerns with host Eric Barnes. 

Playhouse on the Square's final production of the 2017-18 season is a world premiere.

CRIB, by Gino Dilorio, won the 2016 NewWorks@TheWorks Playwrighting Competition.  

Director Jaclyn Suffel discusses the play about a college basketball star and the expectations of academia.


After a flurry of legal proceedings this week, it came to this: a Chancery Court judge determined that the Shelby County Election Commission's plan for the first days of early voting discriminated against African Americans.

Conversations between NASA's mission control and astronauts walking on the moon may not seem like "the right stuff" of classical music.

But Memphis Symphony Orchestra music director Robert Moody thinks that space chatter will make for an intriguing libretto during one concert in the MSO's 2018-19 line up. 

The season is packed with three concerts series: Masterworks, Classic Accents and Pops. Special guests include Telly Leung and Ryan Anthony. 

Here Moody discusses what to expect during the 2018-19 season.   


Though the Memphis College of Art is now entering its final years of operation (doors close in May of 2020), students are still working on their degrees and, more importantly, making art. 

Now is the time to check out MCA's last biennial student exhibition, which ends this Sunday (July 15) with a celebration and awards ceremony 6-9 p.m. Friday (July 13).

In addition, MCA has created a new donor club, called 1936 Club, organized to help ensure the top educational quality for their current students. 1936 Club was in a response to the school's decrease in funds since the announcement of its closing. 

Both Kristian Rambo, alumni and advancement coordinator, and Bud Richey, VP of student affairs and dean of students, discuss MCA's last exhibit and the 1936 Club.

The Memphis Plan from Church Health

Jul 11, 2018
Church Health

We all know that healthcare can be expensive.


On a sweltering summer day, there is nothing more refreshing than an ice cold glass of homemade lemonade!


Memphis city streets have been buzzing with the latest in "shared mobility" transportation options. Some view the ability to pick up an electric scooter on various street corners as a fun new way to get around and explore the city. Others see an antidote to a bus system that is spotty or unreliable in some areas. This week on WKNO-TV's Behind the Headlines, City of Memphis Chief Operations Officer Doug McGowen and City Councilman Kemp Conrad discuss the new Bird scooters and Memphis Bike Share with host Eric Barnes and Bill Dries, senior reporter with the Memphis Daily News.

Justin Fox Burks

For your Fourth of July cook-out, consider a tasty twist on a traditional picnic side: Grilled Potato Salad.


The US Department of Education Secretary made remarks this week that were negative of Arkansas State University.  

Nashville’s downtown horse carriage companies are having trouble getting along.

A team of Canadian journalists — from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), a public radio and television broadcaster, and the Toronto Star newspaper — reported on Wednesday that Ticketmaster, the live-event box office behemoth, has developed a secret tool called TradeDesk that assists professional scalpers to resell tickets in ways that would seem to violate Ticketmaster's own rules — an

A center run by the nonprofit Spanish Commission for Refugees in Málaga has been busy all summer. It's a colorful, two-story building with an outdoor courtyard, and people constantly come and go, speaking an array of languages and blasting music from their phones.

"Look, they're coming in now," says Francisco Cansino, the center's director. "They've just arrived."

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Hear the radio version of this story. Nashville’s downtown horse carriage companies are having trouble getting along.

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Betsy DeVos slams free speech at A-State, officials defend policy

The US Department of Education Secretary made remarks this week that were negative of Arkansas State University.

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